Where to look for Apprenticeships

Where to look for an Apprenticeship?
• Find an apprenticeship www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship
• Employer website
• Social media
• Personal networks
• Indeed
• Open days

What responsibilities will I have as an apprentice?
You will not be expected to perform tasks with the same level of skill or speediness as someone who has been doing the job for years. However, you will be expected to follow instructions and ask help if required. You’ll be given an induction to your role and will have training both on and off the job. As an apprentice, you will have someone (mentor) assigned to oversee your work and support you in your role.

How will I study as an Apprentice?
In apprenticeships, this is called ‘off-the-job’ and should equate to 20% of your time. Your off-the-job training will be completed within your paid hours and will fit around the job commitment and needs of the business. There are different ways that off-the-job training can be delivered. It could include;
• Once a week (day release)
• In blocks of a week or more at scheduled times (e.g. a week in September)
• Studying online
• A combination of the above.

OneFile/ ePortfolio
An ePortfolio is a collection of work (evidence) in an electronic format that showcases learning over time. Moor Training using a company called OneFile for all our eportfolio’s.

How will I be assessed?
All apprentices go through a process called End Point Assessment (EPA), which is taken at the end of the apprenticeship. It is different for each apprentice, but could include a presentation, an interview, a practical observation, an online assessment or a different method. The EPA will test both your academic learning and occupational competence, which essentially means they will be looking for you to provide evidence and example that demonstrate that you know how to perform your job.


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