Managed Learning Programme (Domestic Gas Training)Including realistic work environment

Who is it suitable for?

The Managed Learning Programme is a gas training course specifically developed and designed for those wishing to enter the gas industry but do not necessarily have relevant experience or qualifications.

Applicants will be required to gain and provide evidence of a range of relevant gas work experience under the supervision of a Gas Safe registered Company or Installer.

Upon successful completion of the training and on-site portfolio candidates will be at the correct-level to progress to the Accreditation Certification Scheme (ACS) gas assessment course.

The Managed Learning Programme is a pre-requisite to undertake Accreditation Certification Scheme (ACS) gas assessments and become a Gas Safe Registered engineer.


What’s involved?

The Managed Learning Programme includes training in the following core areas (appliances eg domestic cooking appliances and central heating and hot water appliances are in addition):

  • Safety, Legislation and Standards
  • Gas Emergency Actions and Procedures
  • Products and Characteristics of Combustion
  • Ventilation for Domestic Gas Burning Appliances
  • Installation of Pipework and Fittings
  • Tightness Testing and Purging
  • Checking and/or Setting Meter Regulators
  • Unsafe Situations & Emergency Notices
  • Emergency Isolation Controls and Valves
  • Appliance Burner Pressures and Heat Inputs
  • Appliance Gas Safety Devices & Controls
  • Chimney and Flues
  • Chimney Installation, Inspection and Testing
  • Re-establish Gas Supply & Re-light Appliances
  • Basic Electrical Safety

Guided Learning Hours

The total Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for this course is 1226 hours.

This includes 266 hours for centre training/trainer supervised hours, which may include self-study and assessments and 720 hours 'on job' (in the workplace) learning hours, where learners are required to achieve a portfolio of evidence.

Any recognition of prior learning will be reduced accordingly.

The Guided Learning Hours is for core (mandatory) units only, appliance training (for example boilers, cookers) are in addition to these guided learning hours.  


Realistic Work Environment

This course includes a selection of 'Realistic Work Environment'. Therefore if all portfolio evidence is unable to be achieved and completed within the workplace (onsite) under the Supervision of a Gas Safe Registered company or mentor. Moor Training can simulate up to a maximum of 2 jobs per task criteria (most task criteria is to be evidenced 5 times) in a 'Realistic Work Environment' allowing you to achieve the portfolio requirements and job opportunities in the centre, with a maximum of 2 days spent gaining the evidence via 'Realistic Work'.

If additional days of 'Realistic Work Environment' are required these would be charged at cost. Along with portfolio monitoring and progress reviews. 


Domestic Gas 

The domestic gas safety relates to ‘domestic’ natural gas installations, with:

  • Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) at the outlet of the ECV of 2 bar (medium pressure)
  • Operating pressure at the outlet of the gas meter of nominally 21 mbar (low pressure)
  • Gas pipework maximum bore of 35 mm (DN32, R 1¼)
  • Maximum Installation Volume (IV) of 0.035 m³
  • Maximum rated capacity through the primary meter of 16 m³/h and
  • Gas appliances having a maximum individual heat input of no greater then 70 kW net.

If the scope worked on is above that listed, this course is not suitable. Working on gas exceeding this must be undertaken via a commercial course. Undertaking without a commercial qualification/Gas Safe registration is illegal.


Where might it lead?

On successful completion of the Managed Learning Programme candidates will receive a training ‘Competence Certificate’ consisting core gas and the appliances contained within their portfolio for the industry recognised Gas Diploma, which is necessary to access Accreditation Certificate Scheme (ACS) gas assessments for Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1) and appliances undertaken and listed on the ‘Competence Certificate’.


See below


£2700.00 (+VAT)

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have access to carry out gas work alongside a Gas Safe Registered Company or Installer.
A reasonable level of English and Maths is advantageous. 

Delivery Method

A mixture of theory and practical training, along with homework and self-study.
'Realistic Work Environment' training and assessments will be provided by Moor Training.


Units will be assessed via practical and theory assessments.

'Realistic Work Environment' will be observed.

Portfolio's will be internally assessed and externally verified.


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